The Keirs were at Marina Mall yesterday for a trip to the Cinema (Hugo -- a fabulous film, but another story). Afterwards, on the way to dinner, we stopped at the Manchester City shop so that my mancunian wife could look at baby booties stamped with the club crest. Our nephew and his wife have recently had a baby, but he is an ardent United fan and would be severely wound up by such a gift.
Naomi was considering the purchase when a Emirati man in full national dress appeared beside us and insisted on buying my twin boys a team shirt each, complete with name and number. He said it was important that all of the youth should support Sheikh Mansoor's team. After a moment of indecision I, of course, shook his hand and said thanks. The man then showed us a picture of his baby son and told me proudly that he was also a City fan. Naomi and I cooed appropriately. Before disappearing into the crowded shopping centre he informed us he would see us next time. Maybe then he'll buy me a shirt!

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